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Little Red Riding Hood

This new fully staged and costumed production is designed for schoolchildren, but it also contains humor that parents and teachers will appreciate. The Wolf, the Woodsman, Mother and Grandmother are hilarious, operatic commedia dell’arte versions of the classic storybook characters. Little Red Riding Hood herself is wise beyond her years and has a LOT of surprises in store for the not-so-wily Wolf! 


MetroPelican Opera


Single: $560 | Double: $840

Technical Needs

Stage or floor space must accommodate a set that is 9 feet tall, 15 feet wide, and 6 feet deep.

Study Guide

No study guide is currently available online for this performance offering

About MetroPelican Opera

MetroPelican Opera, the educational/outreach "wing" of the New Orleans Opera Association, was founded in 1988 by Arthur Cosenza, the General and Artistic Director of the company. He chose "Metro" to represent the 7-parish population base of greater New Orleans, and "Pelican" for the state bird. MetroPelican has subsequently toured throughout Louisiana, as well as crossing state borders into Mississippi and Texas, and continues to offer quality experiences to schools, libraries, and community centers. Artists are drawn from the wealth of talented performers based in the Crescent City. MetroPelican has created 6 new performance programs since 1994, and 3 of these have continued to tour the city and state. In the year 2000 MetroPelican received Gambit Magazine's "Tribute to the Classical Arts" Education Award for outstanding achievement.

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Audience for this Offering

Grade Level/s

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade


Language and Arts

Art Genre/s

Movement and Dance



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