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Young Audiences Charter School

Our School Vision

"To succeed today and in the future, America's children will need to be inventive, resourceful and imaginative.  The best way to foster that creativity is through arts education."

-Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

At Young Audiences Charter School, our arts-integrated curriculum reflects recent research from the arts education field that provides significant evidence of the value of the arts in the learning process. In our school, teachers and administrators will work to create and support a culture of high expectations that allows each student to reach their greatest potential; providing a creative, nurturing, and challenging academic environment to encourage students' individual learning and empower them to take their place in today's innovative and entrepreneurial economy.

Research shows that students highly involved in the arts are more likely to have improved grades, better standardized test scores, and lower dropout rates. Additionally, arts education develops valuable skills for the workplace such as creativity, organization and collaboration. Most importantly, the arts are a defining feature of culture; helping students to understand their own identities and providing a window into other historic and contemporary cultures.

Charter Schools

Young Audiences Charter School is a Type 1 charter authorized by the Jefferson Parish Public School System. Charter schools are independent public schools with rigorous curriculum programs and unique educational approaches. Although free of some district and state regulations, charter schools must deliver an accountable model of education in order to maintain their charter. Schools must meet goals related to student achievement, financial status, and legal compliance. Students must take required standardized tests, and the state reports on the school's outcomes. Charter schools, which are tuition-free and open to all students, offer quality and choice in the public education system.

To learn more about charter schools visit the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools. www.lacharterschools.org


Young Audiences Charter School is an open admissions charter.  Students residing in Jefferson Parish will be considered eligible applicants for admission, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or exceptionality. 

An application can be downloaded at http://www.yacharterschool.org/enrollment

Faculty and Staff

Expertise, experience, passion, and a love of students and teaching are essential qualities for Young Audiences Charter School faculty. We are looking for faculty and staff interested in building a collaborative and creative learning environment. If you are interested in applying for a faculty or staff position please email a cover letter with resume to charter@ya4la.org.

Click here for faculty job description (.PDF)


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